Our '75 Porsche 914 1.8

After Another 25 years, There is Still No Substitute

Originally traded for a Formula Vee SCCA racecar, the month before we were married in 1986, this two seater proved to be a strong fertility drug.  Danielle was born ten months later... Two more daughters later, Dani now old enough to sit Cami and Kenna, the car now declared an antique collectors vehicle, and insurance much cheaper, we now have a little more opportunity to enjoy this fun car.

1999 was the year to complete fix-ups on the car.  The interior was completed with new carpet and dash cap.  The exterior received an outstanding paint job, new windshield, the final replacement seals, and reanodized trim.  Here are some work in progress and final pictures plus useful 914 related links, including a few technotes authored by Pete.

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Back End ViewFront End ViewCockpit
Full Car Photoengine compartment
By the way, the color is the original special order Copper Metalic (not orange).
In Paint Booth, Ready for MaskingPrep Left SideRight Side PrepNew Metal Repair on Sail

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