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Jill Dubler

Certified Rossiter Coach

I’ve always been a person who loved exercise.  I started teaching fitness in 1985 while a manager at Hewlett Packard.  Our division started a wellness program and I was one of the first instructors to teach high/low aerobics in one of the building’s basements during the noon hour and after work.   Running was always something I did for “me” and my mental state.   Carrying the passion forward into teaching group exercise in Northern Colorado health clubs has always been so darn much fun, I still make it a major part of my day to teach 1-4 classes each day.  The diverse programs I instruct include, Aqua Kickboxing, Body Pump, Body Flow, Pilates, Yoga, Senior Chair Yoga, BOSU fitness, and Fitball workouts.  I have been a long time employee of Golds Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Raintree Athletic Club, Miramont Lifestyle Center, Loveland Yoga and Core Fitness and the Columbine Health Systems.  I am also a Certified Personal Trainer.


So how does The Rossiter Workout fit into this?  Perfectly!!!   If you are going to live life, have fun, lift weights, run, swim, cycle, climb, be outside living and enjoying the edge, you’ll most likely have more than a few aches and pains along the way.  I have had my share, believe me.  They’ve been treated with ibuprofen, ice, rest and the usual protocol only to have them become chronic and, what’s worse, get BIGGER, and painfully affect more of the body than originally thought and create imbalances and wreck  havoc with my work and fun.  What I have learned from Rossiter is that this pain, caused by tight connective tissue just gets tighter and tighter. Conventional stretches are nice, but just don’t give real release or real pain relief.

My Personal Rossiter Story


"Here’s my recent injury and how Rossiter entered my life:   I injured my pectoral muscle doing a crazy pushup October, 2010.  I tried deep tissue massage and a dozen different stretches on my own.  Pretty soon, the pain radiated into my shoulder, down my bicep, up into my neck and around my scapula until it felt numbing and I wondered if my back or rib was out.   I had to work at having anything close to good posture.  I lightened my workouts, went to a chiropractor several times a week, but nothing had any effect on the injury.  I was discouraged.  Additionally, my daughter had a very deep and serious hamstring injury after a climbing wall incident.  A friend suggested Rossiter.  My daughter felt a great deal of relief from the workout, and we were encouraged to keep going and do additional sessions.  Since we had tried Physical Therapy and massage to no avail, this was exciting, to say the least.  My interest was really piqued, so  I decided to take the initial Unit 1 training and become a coach so I could work on her myself.  My husband and I ocean sail and being the very serious sport it is with lots of injury potential, I figured I could work on my hubby if need be and keep him sailing!   During the training, we students worked and practiced techniques on each other.  Day One, my chest/shoulder/bicep/back pain was GONE.  This was HUGE to me.  I was seriously helped by novice people doing Rossiter ~ What if I got really good at this? What kind of help and relief could I provide to my family, friends and personal training clients?   I am so excited to help others have this kind of relief.  It’s like nothing else I have tried."