Regina Oceani - Other Projects

Here are just a few of the projects we have completed on Regina Oceani

Engine Compartment, before new insulation...  Magazine article coming out on this project soon.

New Engine Compartment Insulation
New Engine Compartment Insulation

New Engine  Compartment Insulation
New, state-of-the art Motorola Cell Phone system with amplifier (30 mile offshore rang and data speeds upto 486 kb!) As seen in Blue Water Sailing, February 2006, pg 70

Wireless Weatherproof  Touchscreen Tablet Computer. 
As seen in Blue Water Sailing, December 2005, pg 70
As seen in Blue Water Sailing, December 2005
New Drop Boards in Companionway.  (lettering is laser engraved)

New "Granny Bars at the Mast
Bilge Pump Cycle Counter As seen in Good Old Boat March/April 2006, pg 78  (Also added proper controls for all three bilge pumps)

Just a few of the other additions:
  • Furuno FAX-30 Weatherfax/Navtex blackbox system (with FAX-5 pre-amp)
  • 3000 GPH high bilge pump with new 1 1/4" thruhull
  • Sailor's Solutions Systems Alarm (designed by Pete and soon to be available as a product from Sailor's Solutions)
  • New running rigging:
    • Main sheet, mizzen sheet, vang control line
    • Traveler lines
  • MOB Alarm System (McMurdo Pains Wessex emergency receiver and two wrist transmitters)
  • Second VHF radio
  • Swing arm for Radar display
  • Cockpit mounted wireless weatherproof touch screen tablet computer (watch for article on this project)
  • Fuel polishing system
  • All new port and hatch screens
  • New port lenses
  • Raised Bimini
  • New canvas:
    • Wheel and Binnacle covers
    • Winch covers
    • Bimini Extensions to Dodger
    • Instrument and Companionway cover
  • All clamps below waterline replaced with Titan TItanium Clamps
  • New Shower Drain Pump (Whale 220)
  • New drinking water pump
  • New Y-valve
  • Rebuilt Electosan (new seals and bearings)
  • Added Electrosan salt tank
  • All waste lines replaced
  • Kitchen drawers added (under sink, 3)
  • Chain plate covers manufactured and replaced (formerly aluminum, now SS)
  • Transom painted.  New name applied to transom and box
  • Pactor 3 upgrade
  • New Dry exhaust insulation
  • New Vang cable
  • New chair pedestal and slides
  • Link 2000 battery monitor/inverter controller installed
  • New Starter Battery (Optima Blue Top marine)
  • New battery cables with swaged on terminals
  • Beckson cam port latches
  • Aft bulkhead access doors added
  • Teak trash can for head made and installed
  • New automatic halon engine fire system
  • New single handle shower control
  • Cockpit shower
  • New water tank control valves
  • LED Trilight
  • Reinforced deck at gate stantions and rebedded (fixing leaks)
  • Scuba tank rack in aft lazarette
  • New fresh water galley foot pump
  • Tiptoe galley sea water pump and sink nozzle
  • KleanBilge filter on primary electric bilge pump
  • New Lifelines (2/2006)
  • Spreader light timer/remote control (see future magazine article)

New Spares:
  • 120AMP altenator
  • New raw water pump (Sherwood H5) and parts for rebuilding
  • 12V refrigerator compressor rebuild parts
  • Pressure and deck wash pumps
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updated 3/8/2006